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Redesigning Your Website? Don’t Forget UX!

Nov 15, 2021

Website redesign is a big deal. A very big deal. If your organization is considering a redesign or has already decided to move forward with one, you want to make sure that the finished product meets all the requirements. Money and resources must be spent wisely to obtain the optimal site. photo of 2 people working on a website redesign

When prioritizing the necessary expenses of a redesign project, don’t let UX fall to the bottom of the list. UX is probably a large part of why the redesign is occurring in the first place, so don’t give it short shrift. What good is a pretty new site if your customers can’t navigate it or find what they need?

Here are 5 considerations for prioritizing UX when planning a redesign:

  • It’s cheaper to get it right the first time. To avoid – or increase –UX debt (read more about UX debt here), your redesign plan should include tactics to meet the demands and expectations of your website visitors. Use consultants with UX expertise to plan your strategy. Comprehensive testing of the new site before launch is a must. If you launch your new site before working out all the bugs, you’ll just add to your UX debt.
  • Loving your site leads to loyalty. If people love to visit your site, they’ll keep coming back. Considering the cost of attracting new customers (five times more than keeping repeat customers), brand loyalty is key. Inspire loyalty with your customers by providing an easy-to-use, hassle-free experience.
  • Save time. The less time you have to spend answering questions and dealing with problems, the more time you’ll have to spend on providing the best products and services to your customers. A well-though out UX experience includes:
    • FAQ pages in strategic locations throughout the site to answer the most common questions
    • Chatbots to initiate customer inquiry sessions
    • A “no middle-man included” path through the sales funnel
    • Contact forms to speed up the contact process and decrease call volume.
  • Website UX and SEO are a couple. When considering one, you should consider the other. Avoid the Google 15-second rule violation with a site that’s easy to navigate and satisfying to use. Don’t forget page load speed and mobile friendliness in your UX/SEO strategy, either.
  • Great UX -> conversions. Becoming a trusted source of information to meet needs and solve problems increases the odds of conversion. When a customer connects on a site that works well for them, they’re more likely to return eve if they don’t make a purchase during the initial visit. Making the connection is important.

Is your organization planning a website redesign? If so, how much will UX figure into your strategy?

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