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Boost Your Content Reach with Podcasting and Video

Feb 16, 2022

Over the past several years, research has shown that video content is very effective for reaching audiences. Consumers want video content. Podcasting has also become more popular. Yet, a recent study from Casted found that only 61% of marketers are consistently using video content and less than one-third are using podcasts. photo of a woman speaking into a microphone

Consumers want more video and podcasts, and over half of them want more video content from marketers. So why are so many marketers losing out on this opportunity?

If your organization is lagging in video and podcast content, here are some reasons why you should pick up the pace:

  • There was already a demand for video, but the pandemic has increased the demand.
    • In 2022, 82% of online consumer internet traffic will come from watching videos – an increase of 15 times over the amount watching in 2017.
    • There was an 800% increase in watch time of ad-supported and purchased feature-length movies between mid-2019 and mid-2020.
    • 68% of consumers report a pandemic effect on their video habits, with almost all of this group (96%) saying they are spending more time watching videos.
    • When researching new products or services, 68% of consumers prefer videos over any type of written content.
    • Viewers retain 95% of video content, compared to only 10% of text that is read.
  • ROI is greater for brands using video.
    • Of brands using video, 87% claim to see a positive ROI.
    • Embedded video in blog posts brings 3 times more inbound links than posts without video.
    • Including video on a landing page can lead to an 80% or greater conversion rate.
    • Campaigns that use video have a 34% higher conversion rate.
  • Embedded video is in demand. Inserting video clips in blog posts, emails and newsletters is greatly underused compared to using clips in social media posts.

Don’t Forget Podcasting

While video content is effective, podcasting can be effective as well. And it’s easier and less expensive to produce. Even though the number of listeners for B2B and B2C podcasts is growing, only 32% of content marketers think podcasting is an effective channel. And only about the same percentage of brands – 32% - invests in podcasts.

How can podcasting help your bottom line?

  • Podcast audiences are highly engaged, with 80% saying they listen to all or almost all of every podcast they start.
  • Over two-thirds (69%) of podcast listeners say their awareness of brands, products and services is increased by podcast ads.
  • 60% of listeners have made a purchase because of a podcast ad.
  • Almost three-fourths (72%) have purchased something from a sponsored ad on a podcast they have listened to for 4+ years.
  • Of the listeners who haven’t purchased something from a podcast ad, 80% pay more attention to podcast ads than those on TV and other channels.

Is your organization using video and podcasting content?

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