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Amazon Care Continues Its Expansion into Healthcare

Mar 17, 2022

Telehealth’s momentum over the past couple of years has led to increased offerings from both traditional healthcare providers, as well as from newer players in the space. Amazon, which has been building a healthcare presence for several years, is not standing down in this expansion. image of Amazon Care app on a smartphone screen

Amazon Care, the online giant’s virtual care offering, recently announced a major expansion. In addition to virtual care, Amazon Care is expanding in-person care to more cities beyond the initial cities of Seattle, Boston, Dallas, Austin, Washington, DC, Arlington, Baltimore and Los Angeles. The list of new cities includes major metropolitan areas like New York, Chicago, Miami and San Francisco.

Amazon Care began in 2019 as a benefit for its employees in Washington state, offering telehealth and in-home visits. In 2021, the program expanded to include Amazon employees and other companies across the nation. Urgent and primary care telehealth options with a physician or nurse practitioner are available, as is prescription delivery. If the patient’s issue can’t be resolved with a telehealth visit, a nurse practitioner is sent to the patient’s home.

Amazon is not only expanding the program to more cities, it is also expanding to more companies, such as Hilton Hotels, Whole Foods and Silicon Labs.

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