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New Healthcare Tools from Google

Apr 21, 2022

Data has shown that when people need healthcare information such as a symptom checker or content on diseases, conditions or procedures, they look to the internet first. Google is banking on that fact with its new search engine feature that can display available appointment times for certain providersphoto of Google logo on a building

Google has been attempting to make inroads into the healthcare space for several years but has not yet found its “sweet spot.” With this new search-related tool, Google appears to be going back to basics. The goal for the new tool is to decrease the booking time for primary care appointments, as well as to provide an easier match of patients with physicians.

Initially, appointments will show for CVS Minute Clinics. Google is also bringing scheduling tools from Kyruus and Stericycle into the fold to enable providers using those tools to integrate their appointment times into Google’s search engine.

Appointments will not be booked directly on Google; rather, the user will be redirected to the provider’s online scheduling tool. No personally identifiable information from providers will be stored by Google, nor will any data be used for advertising. Increased functionalities will be rolled out over time.

Another new tool from Google comes from a collaboration with Fitbit to enable the device to identify atrial fibrillation, a type of heart rhythm that can be dangerous. The FDA is currently reviewing this device feature for safety and efficacy.

Additional projects under development by Google include:

  • Increasing access to maternal health screening with ultrasounds using AI, in partnership with Northwestern Medicine
  • Developing a smartphone app that can detect and record heart sounds like a stethoscope
  • Using smartphone photos of the eyes to detect cardiovascular conditions.
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