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Digital Media: How's It Working for You?

May 22, 2022

If you have a digital marketing strategy, do you know how effective it is for your organization? If you’re not sure, or if it has been a while since you’ve audited your digital channels, this is a good time for a review. photo of a person touching a smartphone screen with icons of various digital channels overlaid on it

Consider this as a plan for your digital review:

  • Review each of your digital channels using the RACE (reach, act, convert and engage) Framework. Consider RACE through the entire customer lifecycle. Be sure to include:
    • Search marketing/organic search
    • Online PR
    • Social Media Marketing including optimizing your presence
    • Online partnerships including affiliate marketing and sponsorships
    • Online display advertising, e.g., AdWords ads, retargeting and social media ads
    • Opt-in email marketing
  • Assess VQVC across each channel. This is:
    • Volume: Number or % share of site visits
    • Quality: Dwell time or conversion rate to lead or sale
    • Value: Revenue per visit (Ecommerce) or Goal value per visit (if goals set up for non-Ecommerce site)
    • Cost: Cost per visit/lead/sale

    This will take some time but it’s worth it to understand what your pain points are and where/how you can improve your digital performance.

  • Once you have gathered performance data, it’s time to use it to determine where your opportunities are, strategies needed to meet your goals and the actions needed to implement the strategies.
  • Perform a “benchmarking” of sorts of your channels to determine how successful each channel is compared to the others, as well as each channel’s priority in helping the organization to meet its goals.

Has your organization reviewed its digital channels and strategies lately? If so, are they performing well for you?

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