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Digital Reviews from Healthcare Consumers are Increasing

May 22, 2022

For several years, data has shown that consumers use online searches to find healthcare services and providers. A new study from Reputation found that this continues to be true, with consumers increasing their use of digital means, including reviews and star ratings, to find quality careimage of 5 review stars under a stethoscope

Additional findings from the report include:

  • A 50% increase in review volume for hospitals and a 58% increase in review volume for physicians since 2020.
  • Google is the most popular internet source, over provider and physician websites, healthcare-specific websites or social media.
  • 75% of adults read online patient reviews for decision making on physicians or healthcare facilities.
  • 72% of healthcare consumers look for a rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars when deciding on a health facility or physician.
  • Facilities saw an average star rating of 4.4 in 2021, a 0.05 point increase over 2020.
  • Physicians saw an average star rating of 4.7 in 2021, a 0.03 point drop from 2020.
  • 65% of adults expect providers to respond to reviews.

Reputation offers these tips for improving your organization’s ratings and reviews:

  • Work to improve reputation scores by:
    • Asking providers to request reviews and respond to the reviews they receive.
    • Using patient feedback to improvement patient experience.
  • Analyze patient feedback with a feedback hub.
    • Use various sources for patient feedback, including surveys and social media.
    • All feedback should be collected in a central location to get an overall view of the feedback.
    • Use data from feedback to prioritize further actions.
  • Make sure your Google Business profiles are optimized.
    • Ensure that all physician and facility information is current.
    • Provide for communication between patients and physicians through the profile.
    • Physicians should monitor their feedback and respond.
  • Create an employee experience program if you don’t have one or enhance your existing program.
    • Collect and listen to feedback from employees to improve retention.
    • Be transparent in all employee communications.
    • Remember that employee unhappiness can be reflected in patient experience.

How are the reviews and star ratings for your organization?

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