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Reaching Gen Z with Social Media

Aug 24, 2022

Except for maybe the oldest members of Gen Z (born between 1997-2012), this generation has lived all their lives with social media. So, reaching and engaging with them on social media should be a snap, right? photo of a group of young adults with smartphones

Not so fast. There are characteristics of Gen Z that can affect the approach to social media marketing for this generation, such as:

  • They have the shortest attention spans of any other generation
  • They are very focused on digital
  • They’re on the leading edge of new trends
  • They love short-form video platforms like TikTok and IG Reels
  • They are the most diverse generation, racially and ethnically
  • They have a lot of spending power and disposable income.

While these characteristics may make it a little harder to engage Gen Z, there are some strategies to better target this group:

  • Inclusion is key. For this reason, traditional advertising methods won’t work with Gen Z. They don’t to be “marketed to.” For them, it’s about much more than the specific product or service you’re selling. They are proactive and socially aware, so find something that resonates with the particular Gen Z audience you want to connect with. Using micro-influencers can help to ramp up your efforts. Gen Z connects with people better than with ads.
  • Remember that short attention span. You have 8 seconds or less to grab Gen Z’s attention before they lose interest. This is why short-form video is so appealing to this group. It is projected that 43 million Gen Z users in the US will be on TikTok by 2023. To improve your success with Gen Z and short-form video, remember:
    • Don’t dawdle. Get to the point quickly. Focus on the benefits of the specific product/service you’re promoting and the positive experience it will bestow. Don’t worry about trying to tell Gen Z who your brand is. This group will research your brand on their own.
    • Express personality. Try to be more conversational – use humor, trending audios and even influencers to broaden the reach. Imagine having a conversation with the group without boring them to death.
    • Singular focus. Again, remember this group has a very short attention span, so be sure your short videos focus on only one aspect at a time. Let each individual aspect of your product or service shine on its own in individual videos.
  • Mobile optimization. Almost all of Gen Z (98%) owns a smartphone, so it’s imperative that you mount mobile-friendly campaigns. This means:
    • Using imagery such as GIFs and emojis, possibly without any text at all
    • Using interactive content that is sharable
    • Providing a quality digital experience.

In summary, Gen Z does not want to be defined, they want to be understood. By letting this difference guide your social media ads, you’ll be better able to connect with Gen Z.

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