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Amazon’s Newest Offering: Amazon Clinic

Nov 18, 2022

After Amazon ditched its primary care entity Amazon Care back in August, you just knew that something else would come along to take its place. The recent announcement of Amazon Clinic shows that Amazon is not leaving the healthcare business any time soon. graphic depicting Amazon Clinic logo

Amazon Clinic is a virtual health service where its customers can choose a telehealth provider from a network of providers. The providers offer consultations that are message based and will give a prescription for medications if needed. The 24/7 service is available on Amazon’s website and mobile app. Amazon Clinic is live as of November, 2022.

Currently, Amazon Clinic does not accept insurance. Fees are based on the providers. Consultations start at $30/session, which includes follow-up messages for two weeks after the consultation.

The process is completely message based – there is no video capability. To start the process, the customer selects their condition from a list, then chooses a provider from a list of vendors. Next, they complete an intake questionnaire. When the consultation has been completed, the customer is sent a treatment plan via the portal, including any necessary prescriptions. Prescriptions are sent to the customer’s preferred pharmacy, which does not have to be Amazon Pharmacy.

Although Amazon has not yet announced which providers are included in Amazon Clinic, the company does have a relationship with Teladoc.

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