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Concepts to Keep in Mind for 2023 Marketing Planning

Nov 18, 2022

Making predictions for the coming year can be tricky. The past few years have been even trickier than usual. So rather than trying to predict what will happen with marketing in 2023, let’s consider some things to remember for next year that should stand the test of time. image of 2023 building blocks

When working on planning for 2023, marketers should keep these insights in mind:

  • The coming recession will be global, not just in the US. In a time of upheaval, communications are key. Email more than proved its worth during the pandemic and should be considered a must-have for all marketers. While email marketing won’t be immune to budget cuts, it will likely prove to be a vital channel for marketers.
  • Consumers are getting more careful with their spending. Lower consumer spending could be a force in marketers becoming smarter. List segmentation should be revised to work towards the goal of motivating and incentivizing consumers. Improving segmentation can make customer data platforms (CDPs) and analytical tools more effective.
  • CDPs will need to prove their value. 2023 could be the proof point for CDPs to show that they can transform email campaigns with more intelligent marketing and improving messaging automation, targeting and personalization.
  • More scrutiny is coming for MarTech stacks. If your organization isn’t getting what it wants/needs from its MarTech stack, it’s time to figure out if you’ve outgrown its capabilities or it you aren’t using everything it offers.

What is your organization considering for its 2023 marketing planning?

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