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5 Growing Trends for AI Use

Jan 27, 2023

While marketers have been hearing about – and talking about – AI for the past several years, it has become more predominant in the marketing conversation as it evolves and becomes more mainstream. You may have seen the Mint Mobile TV ad created by AI, as one example of AI in marketing. With the hoopla surrounding Microsoft’s ChatGPT, the opportunity is growing for AI’s use. image of a robotic hand using a computer keyboard

Here are 5 considerations of AI in marketing that are trending:

  • Sales funnel strategy. Currently, AI is used more for top-of-the-funnel activities such as paid advertising and personalizing email messages and offers, but moving towards more lower funnel activities like measurement and analytics is beginning to happen.
  • Enhanced CX. Using chatbots to manage basic activities like answering customer service questions has been a staple for a few years now. But now marketers are looking for ways to enhance the CX while also continuing to free up human agents to handle larger issues.
  • AI’s use is growing, but slowly. Around the world, over half of business executives express a lack of talent and expertise for implementing AI. There are other considerations, like lack of training and knowledge, C-suite buy-in and funding that are hindering the advance of AI.
  • Privacy trumps priority. Concerns over cybersecurity and data privacy are another hindrance to the advance of AI. With cookie deprecation and more governmental privacy regulation on the way, privacy has become more of a concern for businesses and marketers.
  • Increasing resources for AI will be a slow endeavor. While 20% of executives worldwide say that AI will be critical to their marketing and advertising functions by 2025, the resources required to reach that ideal status may not be available for years to come.
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