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How Do You Measure Video Ad Effectiveness?

May 24, 2023

It used to be that viewability metrics were the preferred way to measure video ad effectiveness. But with third-party cookies going away, many marketers are moving to attention metrics as a better way to measure interactions with video ads. photo of a man looking at a laptop screen

To help ensure that video ads have a higher level of engagement, a recommendation is for “next-gen KPIs.” These include eye-tracking technology (biometric data) and placement and performance-level data (e.g., interactions, completion rates, screen real estate). Due to the “creepy factor” of eye tracking, most of the companies that use it take data from consumers who have opted in.

Mobile devices are very useful with biometric data and placement/performance level data because they are so ubiquitous.

Perhaps not surprisingly, data shows that older people have a longer attention span. However, this does not necessarily indicate increased engagement – it may show that older people pay closer attention.

Data from August of 2022 from Extreme Reach and Insider Intelligence revealed that 39% of all video ad impressions worldwide were from mobile devices. Over one-third (36%) of marketers planning to buy video ads are increasing their focus on attention metrics in 2023.

How does your organization measure video ad effectiveness?

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