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Generative AI Coming to Google Ads

Jun 23, 2023

Generative AI continues its march into the marketing and advertising industries. Google Ads will soon offer generative AI tools for its advertisers, according to an announcement earlier this year. photo of Google Ads logo on a smartphone screen

Advertisers will be able to develop campaigns with text, images and videos generated by AI. The ads will be in collaboration with Performance Max, Google’s service that uses algorithms to recommend ad placement, text and purchases.

As with other uses of generative AI, there are concerns with this development. For example, even though there are some legal issues involved with using generative AI, Google is placing the responsibility for providing AI training material for specific campaigns on advertisers. AI will then revise the information for the campaigns.

Despite as-yet-unanswered legal questions, the ad duopoly of Google and Meta are plunging forward with AI tools. There is much more to come.

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