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Marketing Operations: Don’t Do These 5 Things

Jul 25, 2023

There is all kinds of marketing advice out there – do this, do that. But it’s not so often that you come across a list of things not to do. graphic with text 5 don'ts in digital marketing

Check out this list of things that should not be done in marketing operations:

  • Don’t forget to collaborate with the legal department. Marketers and lawyers tend to work differently: quickly, using a lot of data and being reserved with disclosures vs. cautiously and methodically. But it is important to work with the legal department to achieve marketing goals while also protecting the organization.
  • Don’t ignore the sales team. It seems intuitive that sales and marketing would always be on the same page, but that’s not always the case. KPIs may be mismatched. For example, information on forms that marketing does not see as necessary may be important to sales to better focus on their sales attempts.
  • Don’t forget that resistance to change exists. Marketers want things to move fast, but not everyone is on board with that. If there are people or teams in your organization that are consistently hesitant to make changes, be prepared to handle them. You may even want to look into change management tactics.
  • Don’t be a hoarder (of information). Everyone knows that silos are bad. Information silos are inefficient and lead to more work. Everyone involved in a marketing effort should have access to all pertinent information.
  • Don’t forget your organization’s business objectives. To have everyone working off the same page, it is important that business objectives are documented and disseminated. By knowing the big picture, decisions on smaller matters can be made with input from everyone.
Remember: Sometimes what you don’t do is just as important as what you actually do.
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