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Healthcare Is More Mobile Than Ever

Jul 26, 2023

This article was written by Brian Schneweis, Sr. Copywriter, MERGE. MERGE Is the Communications Sponsor of HCIC23. Merge-mobile

It’s 2023, and let’s face it, tech and healthcare go hand in hand — sometimes quite literally. Powerful mobile devices are transforming how we provide care, and we’re ready to reveal some trends and topics we’ll explore at HCIC. Buckle up, and get ready to join us in LA this fall!

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps aren’t just for ordering takeout or scrolling social media. More hospitals and health systems are developing apps to provide patients instant access to services. Picture this: You can schedule appointments, manage medications and even have virtual consultations right from your phone. Talk about convenience! These apps make patients happier and more engaged and give overworked admin staff a much-needed breather.

Telehealth and Virtual Care

The rise of telemedicine and virtual care means you have to reimagine your front door to health services. Patients today are tech-savvy and expect the convenience of video conferencing and remote services. Thanks to virtual care, patients can receive top-notch care anywhere and any time, right on their handy mobile devices. By removing travel time and other barriers, patients have better access to high-quality care. It’s like having your doctor on speed dial whenever you need them.

Wearable Devices

With each new iteration and upgrade, wearables have evolved into advanced health trackers that provide a treasure trove of information. These devices allow healthcare providers to keep a watchful eye on patients from afar while gathering real-time data. With this wealth of knowledge, hospitals can deliver personalized care, prevent readmissions and detect potential health issues early.

Mobile Health Records

Say goodbye to dusty patient files and hello to the benefits of electronic health information. With access to health records on the go, patients are taking charge of their health decisions and propelling changes in the industry. They want quick, customized services with easy access to their medical history, test results and more. The better your technologies, tools and platforms, the better your overall patient engagement, satisfaction and outcomes. It’s a win-win.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Everyone is talking about AI and for good reason. (And it’s not about robots taking over our jobs or the world — we promise!) AI-powered mobile devices and websites are revolutionizing healthcare. By honing in on granular patient needs, AI can improve outcomes and offer more personalized and efficient services. Because AI can analyze patient data, predict future health trends and assist healthcare providers in preventive treatments, it’s a growing field that is impossible to ignore.

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