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9 Ideas for Repurposing Content

Aug 24, 2023

Are you struggling with content creation? Despite your best efforts at planning and organizing, have you become overwhelmed by the amount of content and/or the time required to create it? graphic depicting various uses of online content

One answer is repurposing existing content. This is not a new idea, but it remains an effective way to increase your content library. It also can aid in bringing in new leads and conversions.

But before you just start slapping up existing content, you need to develop a plan for repurposing. Here are some suggestions:

  • What’s popular? You already have a strong audience for your top-performing content, so consider converting it to other formats, such as infographics, videos or podcasts.
  • Look at evergreen content. There are some topics that are always relevant and would work well in a repurposed format.
  • Get chunky. If you have long-form content like e-books, longer blogs and articles, etc., consider breaking them down into “chunks” of content. Content chunks are good for social media, slide decks, short blogs and other forms.
  • Similar content/topics can be grouped. If you’ve developed a set or series on a topic, like a video or blog series, you can develop a comprehensive guide on the topic in a different format.
  • Use audience input. User-generated content is a great way to bring your audience into the mix and increase engagement.
  • Adapt for new goals or purposes. What are your content goals? Increase reach, drive traffic, get more leads? As an example, you could use patient education content related to a specific service line as part of a promotional campaign for that service line. Content could be used in an email campaign or in other uses.
  • Provide answers/solutions. If a piece of content can offer answers or solutions to issues your audience is facing, repurpose it into a format like video.
  • Seasonal trends. Holidays, seasons and national day/month observances are great opportunities to tie your content into themes your audience has on their minds. Healthy holiday meal ideas, back-to-school tips, and many other topics are good ideas for using existing content in a different way.
  • Use your experts. Subject matter experts can bring attention to your content. Every health organization has at least a few experts on various health topics. Use them to help update existing content, record a video interview, have them write a blog (or ghost-write one for them) – these are just a few ideas for getting your in-house experts involved.

How does your organization repurpose content?

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