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Marketers: Unsure of AI, Although They’re Giving It a Try

Aug 24, 2023

While AI has been around for a while, the release of ChatGPT late last year brought unprecedented attention to that particular platform and generative AI in general. Marketers have seen the potential uses for AI in their marketing efforts, but many are proceeding slowly in adopting it. image with various graphics related to AI

A recent survey found that almost 90% of marketing and communications professionals have used or at least played around with AI tools for one or more applications. But marketers have some concerns about the use of AI.

  • Over 40% of marketers see AI improving work quality and creativity, while almost 30% see a deterioration in those parameters.
  • Marketers are concerned about the effect of AI on team culture and jobs, with 40% saying that job opportunities will decline and 22% expecting negative effects on team culture.
  • Marketers have concerns about misinformation, inaccuracy and legal issues, particularly related to the accelerated popularity of AI.

Thus far, marketers have been using AI for:

  • Summarizing content (44%)
  • Doing legwork, inspiring thinking (41%)
  • Customer and user content personalization (33%)
  • Conducting research (30%)
  • Increasing speed of content creation (30%)
  • Improving customer service (17%)

Adopters of AI are mostly mid-level and junior marketers. Senior marketers see gains in innovation, work quality and creativity with AI.

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