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Getting Personal: Mining Data for Enhanced Patient Engagement

Sep 27, 2023

This article was written by Brian Schneweis, Sr. Copywriter, MERGE. MERGE Is the Communications Sponsor of HCIC23. image depicting building blocks of personalization

Healthcare is deeply personal. Patients are no longer passive in receiving care. They are informed, proactive and expect nothing less than tailor-made care plans that address their unique needs. Luckily, It's all within reach through the magic of personalization strategies and data analytics.

At the Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC), we’ll dive head first into personalization and data in healthcare marketing. HCIC isn't just your typical conference; it's a gathering of visionaries and creative geniuses who have embraced opportunities and bridged the gap between technology and humanity. Sessions will cover the step-by-step successes of large, enterprise-wide personalization strategies. You’ll return to work inspired and equipped with the knowledge to boost patient satisfaction and loyalty. Case studies will unearth opportunities for:

Aptly Timed Communication
Thanks to cutting-edge marketing technology infrastructure, hospitals can send personalized emails triggered by specific actions or events, including upcoming appointments or follow-up care. Knowing providers are paying attention and providing personal attention can strengthen patient trust, engagement and loyalty. It’s like having a caring friend looking out for you.

  • Session to attend: CRM & DXP & CDP, OMG! How Baptist Health Effectively Integrated Technology to Enable Personalization

Personalized Patient Journeys
Healthcare providers can create customized content tailored to their unique health needs by segmenting patients based on their conditions and medical history. Data-driven, customizable portals can serve up articles, educational videos and other resources that put patients in the driver's seat of their health journeys. The result? Better health outcomes and empowered patients leading the way.

  • Session to attend: NYU Langone Customizes the Patient Journey—Strategically Approached and Data Driven

Immediate Answers with Intuitive Chatbots
Offering personalized communication with immediacy, chatbots can be the new frontier and new front door for care. Need to schedule an appointment, receive reminders or access information specific to your medical history? Chatbots have it covered, reducing the workload on busy hospital staff while providing a personal touch that keeps patient satisfaction climbing higher and higher.

  • Session to attend: More Than A Conversation! How Health Systems Are Using Chats to Drive Engagement and Align with Marketing

As we strive for a patient-centric healthcare system, one thing is clear: Personalized content will continue to play a vital role in building patient trust and loyalty. These examples are just a taste of the personalization and data goldmine we’ll tap into at HCIC. You’ll leave with priceless nuggets of information you can apply immediately. Maybe next year, you'll be on stage sharing how you rocked the healthcare world with personalized content that improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

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