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YouTube Offers Assist to Healthcare Content Creators

Sep 27, 2023

Healthcare content creators can now take advantage of assistance from YouTube in the form of two new initiatives. Both initiatives help provide translations for video content that is designed for underserved audiences. photo of a female physician looking at a computer

THE-IQ Creator Program is an addition to YouTube’s Tackling Health Equity Through Information Quality program, which was established in 2022. THE-IQ program assists healthcare content creators with access to YouTube specialists and educational workshops providing information on best practices and video production. The program will also supply up to $10,000 of content creation assistance. Registration for this program is required and applications must be submitted by October 5th.

The other program is AI-enabled Aloud. Aloud is used to dub videos in various languages, increasing content accessibility. This pilot program is currently collaborating with the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Osmosis from Elsevier, Mass General Brigham and Global Health Media Project to provide their content in Portuguese and Spanish. YouTube staff will work with clinicians to perform translation reviews.

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