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Connecting with Gen Z: They’re Looking for Authenticity

Nov 20, 2023

Gen Z is coming into play as a consumer force for marketers to reckon with. Almost three quarters (73%) of these consumers look for brands and businesses that offer a shopping experience that is inspirational and pleasing. photo of 2 young Gen Z age people looking at a smartphone screen

There are three important life-stage groups in Gen Z:

  • Students: This group is in a transition period that includes school and heading out into the world. Budget is a big concern for them. 74% of this group consider affordable pricing to be very or extremely important in their buying decisions. Promotional messages that speak to affordability appeal to this group.
  • Workers: Gen Z workers are starting to mature in their work lives and increase their incomes. While still budget conscious, they are looking for higher-quality products and a pleasurable and inspiring shopping experience. Messaging to this group should center on quality and include stimulating media messages.
  • Parents: This group wants strong relationships with family and friends. Connection with others is important to them. Getting recommendations for products and services from close friends and family is preferred, and they will more likely trust social media posts from their friends and family.

Gen Z frequently uses multiple touch points during their buying journey and they’re looking for personalized, inspiring experiences.

Here are some suggestions to add valuable and joyful media experiences to this group:

  • Shoppable connected TV: Capture the interest of Gen Z shoppers with targeted, personalized ads that offer seamless purchasing using an “Add to Pick Up Order” option.
  • Programmatic media: The content that your audience is already engaging with is a prime place to run your media that offers inspiration and discovery.
  • Social media: Trusted family, friends and influencers get the attention of Gen Z. 73% of Gen Z consumers watch influencer videos and shop those influencers’ recommendations 41% more than the general population.
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