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Connect with Micro-Communities

Feb 23, 2024

The advent of social media in the late 1990s-early 2000s had a huge impact on marketing. That impact continues today. image depicting connection of small communities

But these days, many social media users are looking for more than networking with just anyone and everyone on a particular platform. They’re looking for connections and a sense of belonging. This is particularly true of younger users, who tend to look more to their peers for opinions and recommendations. Gen Z, in particular, has its own set of rules and typically doesn’t respond well to more traditional marketing approaches.

Micro-communities, a category of digital campfires, exist on the large social platforms like Facebook groups, Close Friends on Messenger and Slack. Members of these communities are looking for others who share their interests or goals with whom to network and share. Access to a micro-community can vary and is typically limited – some are invitation-only, some require initial vetting by answering questions and some are even paid.

Brands and marketers can reap benefits from engaging with micro-communities, but it’s important for them to realize that these groups are more than just virtual meeting places. Members of these groups trust the information and interactions of their fellow members. It’s not the volume of participation that matters so much as the engagement and insight quality.

However, it can be a tightrope walk for brands going into micro-communities. Overtly commercial content or content that doesn’t align with the group’s purpose or interests won’t be well received. There must be a real desire to engage with the group, bringing true value and working to build relationships that will last. Ways to accomplish this include:

  • Entertainment with content that engages, inspires and provides value
  • Educational content that engages and provides pertinent information.
  • Remaining authentic with a “no sales pitches ever” bottom line.
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