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Conversational AI Comes to Google Search Ads

Feb 23, 2024

Marketers who use Google Ads have a new tool. Google recently announced the rollout of its Gemini AI model in Google Ads. image of Google AI logo

Ad content relative to a specific web page can be generated quickly, and it includes creative and keywords. One marketer who has used the tool said he was able to generate ads with “good” or “excellent” ad strength. This has helped to improve the performance of his ads. Small business users have found that their Google Ads with “good” or “excellent” ad strength are 42% more likely to publish search campaigns. Google Ads that improve from “poor” to “excellent” get an average of 12% more conversions.

The conversational AI ad experience Beta version is now available to all English language advertisers in the US and UK. Worldwide rollout is set to occur soon. An update to image creation is coming, adding the capability for the conversational experience to suggest images using generative AI and images from landing pages. Images generated by AI will have an invisible watermark to indicate this, as well as metadata that informs this.

It is estimated that 84% of Google Search queries will receive a boost from generative AI, leading to an impact of tens of billions of dollars on ad revenue.

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