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Looking Ahead to 2030: Adapting and Succeeding as Marketers

Feb 23, 2024

Marketing may be many things, but dull and boring it most definitely is not. From a technology perspective alone, marketing has made many changes and advances over the past few years, with AI being probably the biggest disruptor of all. In light of all this, how should a marketer plan to adapt and thrive in the coming yearsmarketing-10-years

  • Welcome immersive technology. It has been over a year since ChatGPT burst onto the scene, but we’re still trying to catch our collective breath and figure out the impact of this tech advance. The pace of innovation is not going to slow down, so look for more new “stuff,” such as AR, VR and devices. Consumers are expecting innovation, so it behooves marketers to stay on top of the new stuff.
  • Temper efficiency with humanity. According to research, organizations think that smart machines will be handling as much as 66% of customer engagement. That sounds efficient but the potential loss of personal interaction may be counterproductive. Some customers prefer personal interaction. Balance and relevance are key to deciding the right blend of technology vs. human interaction.
  • Become obsessed with customer privacy. Research has found that almost three-quarters of consumers think that the use of their personal data is out of control. It’s crucial to be customer-centric, and data is necessary for this to happen. But if you want customers to trust you, you must vigorously guard how that data is used.
  • Earn – and nurture – loyalty. Customer loyalty starts with brand perception, and brand perception helps to drive loyalty. Look for ways to amaze and gratify your customers by evaluating the customer journey and defining points where amazement and gratification can occur.
  • 24/7/365. “Always on” has been a CS/CX concept for years now. This is an area where tech innovations can be of much use. However, it also means that the demands for the necessary technology will be significant, and organizations will need to consider this in their overall budgeting and strategic planning.
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