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Managing Evergreen Content

Feb 23, 2024

Most websites have some amount of evergreen content – content that changes very little over time and remains relevant to web visitors. With effective use of SEO keywords, the content will continue to appear in searches, even after it has been posted for a while. photo of "evergreen content" written in text

What content would be evergreen for my organization?

A good place to start looking for evergreen content is your FAQs. What questions keep popping up over and over? What questions are pertinent not only to your organization but also to your industry in general? Providing educational or informational content on frequently asked questions is a good place to start. Explaining terminology or concepts relevant to your organization is a great basis for evergreen content.

Suggestions for writing evergreen content:

  • Don’t get too technical. Use a conversational tone with easily-understood language that appeals to an average consumer.
  • Don’t try to cover a broad topic all at once. Break it down into specific chunks.
  • Use a format that works well for this type of information, such as infographics, how-to guides and lists.
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