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10 Video Content Stats to Consider for Your 2024 Content Strategy

Mar 25, 2024

Video has been a high-performing content type for years now. And marketers have been taking advantage of that fact. Let’s look at some video stats to help you drive your video content marketing strategy for 2024photo of a person watching a YouTube video on a tablet

  • 82% of all web traffic comes from video. Promoting your brand with video seems a no-brainer, as it is one of the most – if not the most – consumed content form.
  • Video information is preferred by over half of loyal customers. Video is great for both educating and entertaining an audience, which can lead to increased engagement and conversion. Video is easier to pay attention to and can be consumed with minimal effort.
  • Embedded video ads are remembered by a majority (80%) of web visitors. And they remember those ads for as long as 30 days. This can help to make a conversion without redirection to other platforms.
  • Triple email click-through rates with videos. Emails with videos have a 90% open rate and an 83.3% click-through rate. Add the word “video” at the beginning of the subject line to get the user’s attention.
  • Almost three-quarters (70%) of online shoppers aid their decisions to purchase by watching videos. Videos such as demos, tutorials, animations, etc., can provide valuable information to a potential customer.
  • You have 8 seconds to get a user’s attention. Research shows that the average internet user turns off a video after 8 seconds (down from 12 seconds in 2000). Thus the front end of your video is crucial for capturing a user’s attention.
  • A positive ROI has been reported by almost all (92%) of video marketers. Go where the eyeballs are. Users consume over 15 hours of video content weekly.
  • 90% of video content is consumed on a mobile device. Be sure your videos are optimized for mobile viewing and make them amenable to being watched while on the go.
  • Most viewers (92%) will turn the sound off to watch videos. While you’re creating your videos, don’t forget the closed captions.
  • Using video to boost website SEO has been used by 85% of marketers. This just makes sense as data has shown that websites with video content rank higher on SERPs on Google.

Video can be a great content strategy, but it requires thought and planning to perform effectively.

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