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Why Hospitals Need to Think and Act Like Big Brands

May 29, 2024

This article was written by Bryan Palmer, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Modea. Modea is a 2024 HCIC sponsor and digital consultancy focused exclusively on healthcare and building digital tools that deliver an elevated customer experience. photo of a person during a telehealth session on a smartphone

Recent studies show eye-opening data about how consumer expectations around digital have shifted in recent years. Last year, 75% of consumers reported using telehealth services, with more than 50% saying they would switch providers to one that offers virtual care. Additionally, more than two-thirds of healthcare consumers expressed a desire for a mobile app to meet their healthcare needs, compared to just half of consumers in 2021.* Digital consumerism has officially taken hold in healthcare.

With that comes a large effort in healthcare to act more like the big brands we all know outside of our industry, while working to deliver a unique digital patient experience that enhances access to care. However, some healthcare organizations continue hitting roadblocks when it comes to the importance of investing in better digital experiences and tools as well as how to align internally on those efforts.

We hope to see this trend reversed as new data is released, as competing healthcare organizations continue to battle for market share and strive to deliver the best digital experiences possible.

So, how do you begin?

At Modea, we recommend starting with a plan that includes your organizational goals, conducting deep patient and consumer research, and understanding which departments need to be involved. It’s also a good idea to know your competition while considering both geographical service areas and their offerings and areas of expertise. From there, outline the risks and opportunities based on what they offer compared to your organization.

Remember, just because a competing hospital is not physically located near you doesn’t mean a patient will not utilize digital tools and schedule virtual health or other methods to receive care from them.

From there, lead meetings and discussions internally about organizational change, emphasizing the importance of investing in digital tools and defining the experience you want to deliver. Make sure to touch on important points and goals for each department involved throughout the process. Your organization’s mission statement and values will likely help illustrate the "why," and circling back around to them in your pitches will help bring it home. After all, we all want to deliver the best care and experiences possible to the patients.

Investing in digital means you’ll need to make a case for funding. Your organization needs to think about how assets, such as a website, are valuable tools for the hospital and its patients as well as all internal departments. When we see the value and ROI that an amazing digital experience brings, it’s easier to justify the effort. Modea has conducted ROI research with some of our clients which have shown measurable positive impacts on revenue since implementing better digital tools.

Modea is your trusted partner when it comes to understanding your patient audiences and building the best digital tools that outperform the competition. We can help you navigate the landscape and build the perfect products for your organizational digital roadmap.

*Study statistics - Huron

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