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Connected TV Ads: New Options from Google

Jun 28, 2024

Google TV has announced new options for ad placement within its own connected TV network (CTV). This will provide a way for brands to expand their campaign reach. 

photo of TV screen with various Google TV apps showing

In-stream video content inventory is available across Google TV’s 125+ channels. These channels include live sports, full-length TV shows and movies. Options for advertisers include displaying video ads on the Google TV masthead or authorized video-streaming apps that are part of Google TV.

Brands will have ad display access to various new models of Sony, Hisense, TCL and Chromecast devices. According to Google, there are over 20 million monthly active Google TV devices. Viewers of Google TV’s free channels average 75 minutes/day watching those channels.

CTV continues to increase its reach in capturing the video market. Free ad-supported streaming services and channels are watched by 60% of US households. In 2023, YouTube had the highest watch time of all streaming platforms. 

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