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Optimal Posting Times for Social Media

Jun 28, 2024

There are no universal best times for posting on social media. It depends on the organization, brand, platform, etc., as to what will work best. But some new data from Sprout Social can serve as a guideline for getting the best results with each post. 

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Here are suggestions for each platform, based on Sprout’s data:

  • Facebook. Best times: Weekdays between 9am-noon and 5-6pm. Sundays are generally the worst times for posting.
  • Instagram. Best times: Weekdays between 9am-2pm. There is less engagement on Fridays and weekends.
  • LinkedIn. For company pages, the most engagement is seen late mornings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • Pinterest. Interestingly, early mornings (1am) of Tuesday-Friday are the best time to pin. Sprout isn’t sure why this is so, other than perhaps this is the time that many people have inspiration.
  • TikTok. Weekday afternoons between 2pm-6pm see the most engagement on TikTok. There is also an uptick in engagement between 9am-11am Wednesdays-Thursdays.
  • X (Twitter). The sweet spot for X is between 9am-3pm on weekdays.
For the new data, Sprout looked at trends over the past year from their own customers.
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