Laura Clemons

AI Use in Healthcare to Increase Greatly by 2021

by Laura Clemons | Aug 08, 2018
A report presented at the recent HIMSS18 meeting in Las Vegas reveals that the artificial intelligence (AI) market in healthcare will reach $6.6 billion by 2021.

According to Accenture, who wrote the report based on their 2018 Consumer Survey on Digital Health, the AI boom is being fueled by an increasing focus on population health and a greater acceptance of AI’s use in healthcare. The survey was completed by 2,301 US adults over age 18.

According to the survey, 75% of US consumers say that technology is important in managing health. And 20% of US consumers have already used some type of AI-powered healthcare service via robot, virtual clinicians or home-based diagnostics. But while the demand for advanced technology products and services is there, what’s available is lacking.

The good news is that funding and development of AI-powered products and services is growing. And regulators are starting to do their part in approving new advances in technology.

Eric Dusseux, CEO of Bionik Laboratories, which has developed several robotics products,  says, "As a society, we’ve long relied upon technology to improve efficiency, productivity, and quality of processes. With innovations like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and brain-computer interfaces, the usage of these technologies within the medical space will only continue to grow and further optimize the way patient treatments are conducted."

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