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Content Production Problems? Here Are 3 Tips to Help

by Laura Clemons | Aug 09, 2018

You want more content. You need more content. You want more blogs, more video, more product/service related information. But where the heck is it?

Many companies struggle with content production. This struggle often results from a few common issues:Content Problems

  • Lack of ownership for the content type. If no one person is assigned responsibility for a blog or other type of content, it’s easy for the task to get “punted” from one person to another.
  • Production bottlenecks. Maybe it takes time to come up with ideas for content. Maybe there are ideas and topics ready but writing the content takes longer than expected. Maybe content is written but it takes a while for the approvals to happen.

To get around these issues and others with developing content, consider these tips:

  • Have a strategy.
    • Have a plan and make a schedule based on that plan. The schedule should include assignments to specific individuals and a timeline for each step in the production process.
    • Make a list. What do you need to meet your production schedule? Make a list of all necessary elements. If you’re planning to repurpose your blog articles, plan for all involved channels.
    • Involve everyone. Make your content plan available to everyone who will be involved ahead of time and make sure the appropriate manager(s) approves it. Everyone who is assigned to the content plan should agree to it.
  • Use a batch system. Consider how much content can be produced and posted in one session. Many organizations create content in monthly batches that include all content pieces to be used for that month. If you’re planning to repurpose any content, remember to include that part of the production when planning your batch. You should also consider how far ahead of time you want to complete batches to ensure your content will be ready when needed.
  • Use separate calendars for production and publication—and share them with the team. Once your production calendar is set, it’s easy to create the publication calendar.
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