Laura Clemons

New Children’s Hospital at the Forefront of Digital Technology

by Laura Clemons | Aug 09, 2018

The latest in digital technology is on display at the brand-new Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital-34th Street in New York City. The new hospital is part of NYU Langone Health.

According to the organization, the innovative technologies incorporated into the new hospitalNYU were “thoughtfully architected and implemented for staff efficiency, maximal patient safety, and a more personalized experience for patients and families.” The digital experience that people have in their daily lives can now be a part of the care given at the hospital.

Digital innovations that have been implemented at Hassenfeld include:

  • MyWall platform on individual patient tablets enables patients and their families to learn about their care team and their care plans, order meals and control environmental settings in their room.
  • Housekeeping tasks such as transporting meals, linens, supplies, medications and hazardous waste are performed by a fleet of robots.
  • Digital Medical Drawers in patient rooms will be synced with the patient’s EHR to boost patient safety.
  • In the operating room, the Buzz OR/AV Management platform provides surgeons with a high-resolution display that provides real-time information and allows for interaction with pathologists.
  • Care teams have mobile devices to allow communication through a system called Clinical Mobile Care Companions.
  • A smart call system allows for communication with both patients and other care team managers.

The digital technologies implemented at Hassenfeld are all designed to integrate with patient EHRs.

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