Laura Clemons

RIP, Hashtags?

by Laura Clemons | Aug 09, 2018

If the results of a recent analysis of TV ads shown during Super Bowl LI are any indication, we may soon be bidding adieu to hashtags—at least, for marketing purposes.Hashtag

Marketing Land’s 6th Annual Hashtag Bowl, which counts hashtags, social media mentions and URLs in ads that are run during the Super Bowl, found in last month’s game:

  • Of the 66 ads that were shown during the game (between kick-off and the end of the game, including 4 ads shown during the unprecedented overtime period), only 30% had a hashtag; 41% had a URL.
  • There was a 15% decrease in the number of hashtags used during the Super Bowl commercials.
  • Twitter was mentioned only in 5 commercials; Facebook only in 4.

Corporations have changed their strategy in order to bring more traffic to their websites, rather than trying to increase social media presence. As viewership has dropped for the last few Super Bowls—down to 111 million for last month’s game from 227 million in 2014—brands are looking for more people to come to their websites and spend more money. 

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