Laura Clemons

Using Twitter’s New Bookmark Feature

by Laura Clemons | Aug 08, 2018

Have you ever wanted to save a tweet for future reference, yet save it privately without letting all of Twitter know? Twitter has just rolled out a new “bookmark” function that allows you to do just that.

By using the bookmark function, you can save a tweet without showing any kind of response or endorsement of the tweet, and there is no public record of your having saved the tweet because it doesn’t appear in your profile or timeline.

To use the bookmark function, simply Twitterclick on the new “share” icon that appears under each tweet and select “Add Tweet to Bookmarks.”

For marketers, the bookmark function offers some benefits:

  • When monitoring your social media channels — you are doing that, aren’t you? – you may come across a tweet that needs some special attention, like a negative experience or request for information. You may not be able to address such a tweet immediately, but you want to save it to handle later. By using the bookmark function, you can save the tweet easily without having to resort to emailing or direct messaging the link to yourself.
  • Part of your organization’s marketing strategy should be to monitor your competitors. When you see a tweet from a competitor that is relevant, you can save it by bookmarking it for later reference.
  • Twitter can be a great resource when looking for ideas for a new product or service. The bookmark function is a great way to save tweets without letting anyone know what you’re interested in.
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