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Reaching Older Demographics With Social Media

by Laura Clemons | Aug 09, 2018

Younger demographic groups are important to all marketing strategies, but don’t forget the older generations. Seniors are using social media, just not in the same way as millennials and Gen X. Marketers have used data from Pew Research Foundation to learn how to engage with seniors on social media.Social Media

  • Facebook. According to Pew, 62% of internet users 65 years and older are Facebook users, and 72% of those users age 50-64 are on Facebook. Seniors tend to prefer sharing media from other sources rather than posting their own. In other words, they like to share articles, photos and videos they find interesting instead of posting selfies or information they consider to be personal. Marketers should consider posting news stories and other content that will bring seniors in to engage.
  • LinkedIn. Data from Pew reveals that while one-third of internet users age 30-49 are on LinkedIn, the numbers drop with age. Just under one-quarter (24%) of internet users age 50-64 are on LinkedIn, and just 20% of users age 65 and over are on it. This makes sense, as LinkedIn is more focused on professional and business-related content, and people at age 65 and older are often looking towards retirement.
  • Twitter. Some marketers have found success engaging with seniors on Twitter, especially using Twitter chats. According to Sprout Social, only 10% of Twitter users are age 65 or older. If you’re considering targeting seniors with Twitter, you may need to do some more research into the demographics of your area and what works with different demographic groups.
  • Pinterest. This social media platform draws more women users than men. It’s more of a visual platform, so a marketing strategy utilizing Pinterest will be different than one using Facebook, for example. Sixteen percent of Pinterest users are age 65 or older, and 45% of users are women.

If you are looking to engage with seniors on social media, Facebook is most likely your best bet. However, other platforms may be viable depending on your strategy.

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