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Greystone Provides Organizational Buy-In for your Digital Strategy

Greystone.Net provides a variety of consulting options to help hospitals and health systems strategically plan and launch their websites, manage their MarTech transition, select their marketing technology and more.

The following offerings can be customized to meet your specific needs:

Begin with Analytics

No great marketing decisions have ever been made on qualitative data alone.

Greystone.Net has two tools that can help collect intel during the discovery process and should be put in place before and during your planning stages.

gSight is a suite of tools for monitoringgSight and Engage Analyticsand measuring the voice of the digital customer and includes a healthcare-specific pop-up website survey that measures how your website visitors’ experiences are impacting your overall brand. It provides detailed reports with benchmarks and recommendations to help you prioritize website improvements. 

Engage is a multifaceted membership program for healthcare marketers. The analytics component is an extensive dashboard with peer group and national comparisons of Google Analytics data, staffing, budget information, etc. And the analytics dashboards are combined with dashboards on Greystone’s annual digital marketing-focused surveys and other resources like videos and whitepapers.
In addition to these tools, Engage provides an online community for discussions and networking.

Mobile and Desktop Website Analytics

Don’t make me think!

Website users have a low tolerance for complication. They crave ease and convenience and want access to information and service 24/7. Greystone.Net helps you create an effective web and digital presence by conducting an objective healthcare website analysis that includes your mobile presence, assessing approximately 35 key features and functions.

Greystone.Net also:

  • Compares the existing website to a select number of competitor and peer websites.
  • Conducts interviews with key stakeholders to learn about the current situation, identify unmet needs and understand digital expectations.
In some instances, an online survey may be deployed to gather employee feedback and perceptions of the digital presence.

Defining Goals and Audiences for Digital Channels

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

All hospitals have overarching goals and target audiences but is your digital team aligning their goals with the organization’s goals? Sometimes an organization needs help with establishing goals and target audiences and/or implementing actions to achieve those goals. Greystone.Net assists in finding the deficiencies and helping refine goals and target audiences. This includes securing executive buy-in on goals and audiences. This can be done for all of your digital channels (i.e., website), and sub categories of your website (such as human resources, foundation, portal sites, etc., social media, mobile, SEO and more.)

Social Media Analysis


Greystone.Net’s social-mediatypical process for social media planning for hospitals and health systems includes conducting a current state social media analysis, gathering insights on potential social media properties and developing a social media strategy that increases awareness of your brand, protects the organization’s image and facilitates communications with target audiences. The process also often includes providing internal education that fosters creative thinking and leads to the deeper development of social media applications.

Identifying Staffing Needs and Organizational Structure

Your marketing is only as good as the team you hire.

This is important to the success of your plan’s execution and implementation. First, Greystone.Net will help you analyze your existing web personaorganizational structure by answering the following questions:

  • What skill-sets are needed?
  • What organization structure makes the most sense for your organization?
  • What new functions and teams are needed?
  • How will departments work together in new and agile ways?

Second, existing staffing resources are analyzed and then the information is combined and used to build a recommendation and rationale for an efficient organization structure and the staff resources needed to match departmental priorities with organizational business goals.

Greystone.Net helps you develop the staffing plan needed to transition your department from a MarCom focus to a MarTech focus. In today’s contemporary marketing department that means having a team that is a blend of art and science: The Marketer-Scientist. The goal is to develop a marketing team that has aptitude and attitude and is agile enough to meet changing challenges. Once a plan has been developed and vetted, Greystone.Net can help present the recommendations to your executive team.


Establishing a Governance

Governance is the fuel that ensures your strategic plan is properly executed.

Securing leadership support and buy-in is no small task. This may include setting up a hospital digital steering committee to monitor and guide digital developments and utilization. Greystone.Net helps to develop the purpose of this committee and its members. This task also looks at where the function sits organizationally and how it blends with other departments and operations.

Defining Budgetary Needs and C-Suite Support

Money is not everything, but it helps.

Greystone.Net has had success getting digital budget plans approved during our 20+ years of working with hospitals and healthcare systems. The company’s advisors understand that without a solid budget, you can easily over promise, under deliver or lose business to competitors. Greystone helps by:budget

  • Providing digital and marketing budget consulting that will help to organize and consolidate your digital budget into one focused document.
  • Creating a solid plan on how to spend that money according to your digital goals. 
  • Analyzing the budget plan and making adjustments according to the final budget approval from senior executives. 

This process affords you the opportunity to explore different strategies on how best to reach and exceed your business goals.

Other Support Options:


Don’t let implementing your strategic plan be your side job. 

Most healthcare digital marketers wear many hats and it is difficult to juggle all of your responsibilities. Greystone.Net can assist by providing ongoing guidance and project management to ensure strategies are on target and priorities are met.

A retainer provides periodic virtual meetings, moderated by Greystone, for the client to discuss topics of importance to them and work through barriers and challenges. Greystone.Net also helps monitor progress on a plan and make mid-course adjustments, as needed. Through a retainer, Greystone.Net is generally available to help you address any issues as they arise and ensure you meet your goals and milestones as planned. 

Executive Coaching

Unless coached, most people never reach their maximum potential.

There are times and situations where support is needed at the management level of an organization. Greystone.Net’s principals are skilled and available to provide executive coaching and mentoring in these situations. Executive coaching and mentoring are customizable and can help you:

  • Achieve short-term, goals
  • Ensure that performance is meeting the plan
  • Make mid-course adjustments to achieve goals,
  • Grow in your role and performance.

Outcomes of Planning

(depending on how you structure your proposal)

  • Developing a documented tactical plan and strategy supporting organizational efforts
  • Establishing goals and key target audiences
  • Sharing a common vision
  • Specifying the application of existing and new technologies
  • Identifying the needed human resources and reporting relationships
  • Defining required financial resources and expected returns
  • Establishing accountabilities and measurable tactics.

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