Digital Strategic Planning

What Sets Greystone.Net Apart From Other Firms? Our Ability to Deliver Measurable Results.

Our hospital and health system clients are able to achieve their website and digital goals because we begin our work with each one from a strategic business perspective. We ensure that our strategy and product recommendations are:

  • Tied to the organization's existing strategy
  • Implemented in a cost-effective manner
  • Grounded in reality
  • Monitored routinely for effectiveness
  • Measured to determine return on investment.

Greystone.Net has helped 300+ hospitals and health systems strategically plan and implement their digital strategies. We help organizations develop plans and tactics for:

  • Public-facing websites
  • Mobile apps
  • Intranets
  • Portals
  • Social media
  • Access and contact centers
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. 

The Typical Planning Process

Although the planning process can be - and often is - customized, a typical planning process starts with the completion of a current state assessment and then moves into strategic thinking about the organization’s:

  • Digital and web goals
  • Target audiences
  • Priorities
  • Required technologies
  • Integration opportunities for digital, virtual, voice and access channels
  • Needed funding and resources
  • Needed staffing and needs
  • Web organizational structure
  • Web governance
  • Implementation tactics and accountabilities.

Once a solid strategy and priorities are in place, then choosing the right tools, partners and solutions to implement the strategy becomes much clearer and is unencumbered by any bias.

A Realistic Roadmap

Our goal is to create a realistic, achievable plan for your organization - one that is a usable roadmap, grounded in the realities of your current situation, budget and resources and able to guide your next-generation web and digital strategies. The ultimate goal is to help you engage your visitors, improve their online experiences and drive revenue growth for your health system.

Strategy services can be customized and combined to meet a client's unique set of needs.

Expected Outcomes from a Planning Cycle

At the conclusion of the planning cycle, clients typically have:

  • Documented goals, target audiences and a shared common vision
  • A strategy and tactical plan that supports organizational efforts
  • A roadmap for:
    • Optimizing the use of existing technologies and, as needed, identifies new technologies
    • Integrating digital assets with access tools, contact centers and CRM efforts
    • Identifying needed human resources, positions, org structures and reporting relationships
    • Defining required financial resources and estimating expected returns
    • Establishing accountabilities and measurable tactics.

Ongoing Counsel, Support and Executive Coaching

Most healthcare marketers wear many hats and too often have difficulty juggling all their responsibilities. Greystone.Net can help by providing ongoing senior-level guidance and project management to ensure strategies are on-target and priorities are met.

Through a consulting retainer, Greystone.Net moderates periodic virtual meetings with the client to discuss topics of importance to them and work through barriers and challenges. Greystone.Net also can help monitor plan progress and suggest mid-course adjustments, as needed. Through the retainer, Greystone.Net is generally available to help you address issues as they arise and ensure you meet your goals and milestones as planned.

When support is needed at the management level, Greystone’s senior principals are skilled and available to provide executive coaching and mentoring. Executive coaching and mentoring are customizable and can help you:

  • Achieve short-term goals and make mid-course adjustments to achieve goals
  • Ensure that departmental performance is meeting the plan
  • Think through difficult situations and challenges
  • Strategize for c-suite level presentations and pitches
  • Grow in your role and improve your performance.