Website Assessments and Analytics

Website users have a low tolerance for complication. They crave ease and convenience and want access to information and service 24/7, making web strategy for hospitals a prime consideration. Greystone.Net helps you create an effective web and digital presence by conducting an objective healthcare website analysis or digital assessment that includes your mobile presence, assessing approximately 35 key features and functions.

This is a comprehensive assessment of a health system’s existing public facing website or intranet to determine the steps needed to move from its current state to a desired, future state by finding the deficiencies and helping refine goals and target audiences. This includes securing executive buy-in on goals and audiences. This can be done for all of your digital channels (i.e., website), and sub-categories of your website (such as human resources, foundation, portal sites, etc., social media, mobile, SEO and more).

The process can be customized to focus on the “hot button” web issues of the health system, but a typical plan starts with a current state assessment that includes a competitor comparison, interviews with key stakeholders and, in some instances, an online survey to gather employee feedback. The resulting analysis enables your team to reflect objectively on the differences between the current state of the website and what you want it to be in the future, and identify the gaps between the two. More importantly, it helps identify the tasks and resources needed to close the gap.

This objective assessment can be used to help make decisions about your future strategic and functional direction, guide funding decisions, help you understand how your site compares to peer and benchmark sites and perhaps most importantly, obtain budget and approval for needed functional and content improvements.

Analytical Assessment

As part of its healthcare analytics consulting practice, Greystone.Net offers two valuable tools that help with collecting information and providing data analysis and benchmarks during the discovery process. These measurement tools should be put in place before and during your planning stages.

gSight is a suite of tools for monitoring. gSight and Engage Analytics and measuring the voice of the digital customer and includes a healthcare-specific pop-up website survey that measures how your website visitors’ experiences are impacting your overall brand. It provides detailed reports with benchmarks and recommendations to help you prioritize website improvements.

Engage is a multifaceted membership program for healthcare marketers. The analytics component is an extensive dashboard with peer group and national comparisons of Google Analytics data, staffing, budget information, etc. And the analytics dashboards are combined with dashboards on Greystone’s annual digital marketing-focused surveys and other resources like videos and whitepapers.