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  • Hospital Intranets: Can’t we all just get along?

    Sep 17, 2010
    The results of Greystone.Net’s recent research on intranets in hospitals and health systems are in. Thanks to all who participated! We received responses from nearly half (46%) of our 125-member panel of healthcare marketers. All respondents who completed the survey have received a complete copy of the results.

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  • No Apologies Necessary

    Aug 23, 2010
    Good internal reporting of Web data should document successes, illuminate failures, and serve as a key component in evaluating overall strategy. Yet for many healthcare Web marketers, the challenge of producing quality reports has proven to be extremely elusive and frustrating. In my experience, most organizations do not go much further than tracki

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  • Who cares about mobile Internet?

    Jun 25, 2010
    I do, and so do 63.2 million others. The popularity of smart phones has soared during the last decade, especially within the past three years, thanks to Apple’s iPhone, which was only just introduced in 2007. So amazing to me because I remember a time when cell phones didn’t exist. It was a time when I actually had to pay attention to the road i

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  • Are You Watching Your Keywords?

    Jun 08, 2010
    “I don’t really pay attention to our top search terms,” says one of my customers, a marketing analyst at a prestigious academic medical center. “They are mostly just a variation of our hospital’s name.” For a lot of analysts at hospitals and health systems, especially those cursed with having an easily misspelled name, I can understand why they fee

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  • Health Content - Is It Filler or Is It Fundamental to Your Web Strategy?

    May 12, 2010
    Health content is essential to the success of a hospital’s Web site. If a patient or user is searching for information on a particular diagnosis or treatment but are unable to find relevant information on your Web site, they will not only visit another site, but their experience may also leave a lasting negative impression of your organization. As

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  • Results of recent study on Web budgets

    May 03, 2010
    Greystone is pleased to announce the results of our recent survey on hospital/ health system Web budgets. We sent the survey invitation to more than 100 healthcare marketers, and received responses from 65. (please note:  Greystone’s research panel is made up of hospitals or health care systems with at least one FTE dedicated to the Web, and member

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  • Can you compete using Compete?

    Mar 18, 2010
    We have recently received inquiries  from several hospital or health systems Webmasters who want to know our opinion about Web sites like Alexa,, and These  “third party web data providers” use proprietary algorithms to estimate the number of visitors on any Web site, and have become a major resource for many Web marketer

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  • Is your hospital Web site making the grade?

    Mar 09, 2010
    One of my responsibilities here at Greystone is to assess hospital and healthcare system Web sites. When we complete an assessment, we use a grade system to determine the quality of a Web site. Thirty-one categories are evaluated using a consistent and quantitative scoring system, and we assign grades to each category ranging from an A to a D-.  Yo

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