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Content Ideas for Your Editorial Calendar

Jun 18, 2020

Most organizations have an editorial calendar to help plan and organize their content needs throughout the year. The calendar usually includes content such as newsletters, web articles, social media posts, etc. Sometimes, though, you want to do something a little different to spice up your content. Here are a few suggestions. Content-Ideas

  • Research. Many healthcare organizations are involved in research, either directly or indirectly. If any of your providers are involved in clinical research, ask them to provide information regarding their research. Are they still soliciting study participants? Has the study closed with results available? Even if no research is ongoing at your organization, there are always new study results coming out. Ask your providers to provide some commentary on some of the most talked-about research that your patients are hearing/reading about.
  • Humor. Let’s face it – there are a lot of serious health conditions and the information about them is also serious. But there’s nothing wrong with lightening the mood with some good-natured, sensitive humor. Whether it’s a comic or cartoon or even a meme, humor be useful in getting your point across in a light-hearted way.
  • Courses. Are classes or courses offered at your organization? If so, consider making some video clips from the classes to post online or on social media to garner interest in the classes or courses. Ask the class instructors if they’d be willing to write a blog about a particular point of interest in the class. There are many ways you can repurpose content from your classes.
  • Webinars. If we’ve learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that a lot of things can be accomplished virtually when necessary. Until people are fully comfortable going out in public again, consider offering webinars for your educational offerings. If you offer ongoing classes, like childbirth preparation, etc., or support groups, consider offering virtual meetings for those who want to maintain physical distancing.
  • Microsites. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many healthcare organizations have put up microsites related to the coronavirus – information about the virus, testing, symptom checkers, updates on their organizations’ altered hours and services, etc. But microsites can be used for other topics as well. Is there a topic that seems to keep coming up in your organization? Consider a microsite as a central location to address issues/questions related to that topic.
  • Voice-activated content. As voice technology and search become more prevalent, you need to be sure that your visitors can access your content via voice.
What other ideas do you have for improving your content mix?
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