A suite of digital improvement solutions that capture the Voice of the Digital Customer

Helps you prioritize and focus your website improvement and enhancement efforts. A suite of digital improvement solutions including a pop-up website experience survey tool, a user-friendly dashboard and reporting tool, a user behavior tracking tool, expert consulting services, and more.

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Ask: Visitor Experience Survey

The foundation of gSight is the website customer experience survey. It uses a unique questionnaire with contemporary phrase-based responses to uncover the elements of your website that need improvement.

  • Measures your visitors’ experiences with the design, navigation, functionality, transactions conducted and content
  • Helps prioritize areas in need of improvement
  • Guides decisions on future investments.

Hear from Drew Diskin from Virtua

Learn from Andy Gradel, formerly of Main Line Health

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How Does It Work?


Dashboard Reporting

Data is collected and clients can view real-time.


Why gSight?

  • Saves budget dollars
  • Mobile friendly
  • Provides continuous and unlimited survey completes
  • Online real-time easy-to-use reporting dashboard
  • Detailed benchmark reports with recommendations from industry experts
  • Healthcare-specific benchmarks and statistically-derived leaderboard scores
  • Verbatim responses providing real-world details about a user's digital experience.
  • Observe: The Healthcare Customer Experience

    As part of the standard gSight package, clients receive one Individual Greystone Engage Membership. Engage is a one-of-a-kind, members-only offering to stay connected, informed and current by sharing knowledge with colleagues, peers and leaders and keeping-up with industry trends and market developments. Engage provides peer and national comparisons of Google Analytics data, staffing, budget and more, and includes a custom analytics dashboard that can provide you with goal-focused results.

    Optional tools (additional fees may apply):
    • Verbatim Analysis and Reporting Package. Customer comments can provide invaluable feedback. This new optional feature provides analysis and reporting of customer verbatim comments from your gSight surveys. Verbatim analysis identifies key areas that require your attention. This information, combined with the other data from your surveys, will help you to better understand your website visitors and identify key pain points and possible solutions for quick improvement of digital experience.

      The Verbatim Analysis Report will include:
      • Date of survey
      • Stars rating
      • Reason for visit
      • Difficulty completing task
      • Verbatim – service alerts will be highlighted in red, if immediate contact is needed
      • Code library developed.
    • Organizational Intranet Survey. If your organization has invested time and resources in an intranet, it’s important to get feedback from the intranet’s users – your employees and providers. With a brief optional survey from gSight, you can learn what your intranet users think about:

      • Their intranet experiences
      • The level of satisfaction with using the intranet
      • Areas needing improvement
      • The relative importance of the various functions and content on the intranet
      • And more.
      You can select the topics for open-ended questions. Demographic data is collected – employee/provider role, specific work entity, length of employment, gender, etc. – which allows for segmentation of the results. A written report will be provided at the end of the survey collection period, along with recommendations for next steps.
  • Additional reports and webinar presentations throughout the year to help analyze and measure impacts of special campaigns or website design projects.

  • Hotjar behavior and analytics tools such as heatmaps, recordings, funnel analysis, form utilization and feedback widgets may be added to drill down into specific pages of your website to understand how visitors are behaving on your site.
  • Listen: Insights Panel Recruiting

    For an additional fee, establish a continuous process for recruiting panel members for other research projects, user testing tools for web development/improvement purposes, general marketing purposes or to test redesign options.

    Improve: Digital Strategy Consulting

    Other consulting, analysis and reporting services can be proposed to help you better understand the interaction of your brand and the website experience, and then, how to improve both.  Gain the expertise and insights from healthcare market research and digital leaders who also have an outside industry perspective.

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