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The Voice of the Digital Customer Survey

Understand the voice of the digital customer to improve hospital website usability

Ask: What is gSight?
The foundation of gSight is the website customer experience survey. It uses a unique questionnaire with contemporary phrase-based questions to uncover the elements of your website that need improvement.

  • Measures your visitors' experiences with the design, navigation, functionality, transaction and content performance of your website.
  • Helps prioritize areas in need of improvement.
  • Guides decisions on future investments

Drew Diskin from Virtua

Andy Gradel from Mainline Health

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Dashboard Reporting

Data is collected and clients can view real-time.


How Does It Work?


Observe: The Healthcare Customer Experience

gSight clients can add-on tools to further analyze and inform:

  • Peer group comparisons
  • Report with webinar results presentation
  • Custom questions
  • Hotjar analytics/reporting - designed to help you better understand how visitors are using your site, where they are abandoning your site, which steps in your forms are tripping them up, and more.

Improve: Digital Strategy Consulting

Depending upon the package selected, gSight clients receive consulting services to help you understand the interaction of your brand and the website experience, and then, how to improve both. Gain the expertise and insights fro healthcare marketing and digital leaders who also have an outside industry perspective.

Listen: Recruiting and Usability Testing

gSight Includes services to help listen to your website visitors, including usability testing and research panel recruiting. Discounts on these tools that aid redesign and marketing are available based upon the package selected.
Why gSight?
  • Saves budget dollars
  • Mobile friendly
  • Provides continuous and unlimited survey completes
  • Online real-time easy-to-use reporting dashboard
  • Detailed benchmark reports with recommendations from industry experts.
  • Healthcare-specific benchmarks and statistically-derived leaderboard scores
  • Verbatim responses providing real-world details about a users digital experience
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