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Social Media in 2020: Research Results

Jun 18, 2020

Recent study results from the longest-running digital media consumer behavior survey show a shift in the preferred platforms. The results also give some insight into social media growth for the remainder of 2020. photo of a smart phone with various social media icons on the screen

The annual survey from Edison Research and Triton Digital – the 2020 Infinite Dial report – included 1,500 people in the US, from age 12 and up. Findings included:

  • Over one-third of Americans (104 million) age 12 and older listen to podcasts on a regular basis.
  • The growth of social media usage remains flat over the past few years and increased by only 1% this year.
  • Instagram’s popularity is increasing, placing it second only to Facebook overall (41% and 63%, respectively). For the 12-34 year-old age group, Instagram is the most frequently-used platform and continues to grow with this group.
  • Live-streamed video games are becoming more popular, with 9% of people age 12 and older participating. This is a growth of 28% over last year.
  • TikTok remains hot, especially for those age 12-34. 29% of this group uses TikTok and 4% say that it’s their most-used platform.
  • WhatsApp may not be new, but it is gaining in popularity in the 12-34 year-old demographic, with growth of 26% in the past year.
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