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  • Search or navigation? That is the question.

    by Greystone Administrator | Oct 31, 2008
    I was part of a presentation recently where one of the speakers made this statement: “When you go to a Web site, what do you do? You search, right?  That’s how everybody finds what they are looking for.” As I was driving to Atlanta, I was thinking about that a lot (two digressions: first, the fact that I spend my time on a long drive thinking ab

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  • Is the user always right?

    by Greystone Administrator | Sep 09, 2008
    Those of us who hold dear the notion that the user of our Web sites is king are perplexed when that user does something that doesn’t make sense. Here’s a great example: We just completed some user testing in preparation for a site redesign, and there were a number of content sections that relate directly to the patient experience. Things like “w

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