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Mobile Social Network Access to Exceed Computer Access in 2019

by Sara Foster | May 29, 2019

The increasing prevalence of smartphones means that mobile access to the internet and social media is proliferating. It is predicted that mobile access to social networks will exceed computer access in 2019. mobile

Here are more facts about mobile users of social media:

  • The number of people who access the internet exclusively via mobile will increase to 55.1 million, an increase of over 10%.
  • Social media access via desktop/laptop is expected to decrease by 1.7 million.
  • The majority of Facebook users and Twitter users are mobile only, and are expected to continue that trend in 2019 at 66.3% for Facebook users and 43.1% for Twitter users.
  • Facebook's ad revenues come primarily from mobile and that is expected to continue.
  • Native mobile ads in Instagram Stories account for a large amount of the platform's ad income. Almost one-third of Instagram ad budgets were allocated to Stories in 2018. A Hootsuite survey found that 64% of companies across the globe have considered Instagram Stories.
  • Over half (67%) of companies plan to use a mobile-first social strategy in 2019.

This information is particularly pertinent for healthcare marketers, as the 4th Annual State of Digital Healthcare Marketing Report released by Greystone.Net and Klein & Partners found that 2018 was the first year that over half of hospital web visitors came from a mobile source

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