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Global Ad Spending Shifts from Print to Social Media

by Sara Foster | Oct 22, 2019

Who didn’t see this coming? A new forecast from Zenith, a media agency, says that ad spending on social media will exceed ad spending on print media worldwide this year, the first time this has happened. social-media

Zenith predicts that social media ad spending will increase 20% to a total of $84 billion, while print ad spending will decrease 6% to a total of $69 billion. Social media platforms have become preferable to TV and print because they offer advantages such as first-party user data and advanced tools for hyperlocalized or geotargeted campaigns to target preferred audiences.

Facebook and Google continue to see double-digit gains in ad spending. Amazon is now third in ad sales after Facebook and Google. Younger platforms are showing the fastest increases in ad spending, like Pinterest (62% gain) and 48% for Snap. While TikTok, owned by a Chinese tech firm, does not disclose ad revenue, brands are looking to expand their reach on this growing channel.
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