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Is Your Website Content Being Seen?

by Sara Foster | Mar 18, 2020

What would you say if you were told that almost 70% of your website’s content was never seen by web visitors? This metric is one of several found in a new benchmarking report from Contentsquare. graphic image of assembling content for a website

To obtain data for the report, Contentsquare analyzed a year’s worth of data from over 400 websites around the world from 9 different verticals. Additional findings include:

  • 65% of all site visits came from earned or “free” traffic.
    • This is due to brand familiarity, repeat visits for regular purchases and good brand awareness.
  • 60% of visits come from non-PC devices, with 55% of visits coming from smartphones.
    • For hospital and health system websites, over half (60%) of these organizations’ website visitors used a mobile device to access their sites, according to the 5th Annual State of Digital Marketing in Healthcare Report from Greystone.Net and Klein & Partners.
    • The luxury goods vertical had the highest percentage of mobile traffic at 67%, followed by apparel and beauty (66%).
    • The vertical with the lowest percentage of mobile traffic was financial services at 39%.
  • The average load time across all verticals was 2.4 seconds. The report re-affirmed that slower load times lead to higher rates of abandonment and lower engagement.
  • In addition to finding that almost 70% of website content was not being seen by web visitors, the report found that this issue was more prevalent in the financial services, beauty, energy and automotive verticals.
  • Conversion takes three visits to make a purchase, on average. And conversion rates were lower on mobile devices than on PCs. Not surprisingly, conversion rates increased during seasonal and peak shopping periods, with conversion rates increasing by 27% during holiday shopping as compared to the rest of the year. 
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