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The Latest Hospital Digital Marketing Articles

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  • Improve Facebook ROI With Page Optimization

    Aug 09, 2018
    There is no escaping the fact that Facebook is a giant – if not the giant – among social media platforms. With almost 2 billion daily users (as of March, 2017), Facebook presents a huge marketing opportunity. Yet, many marketers fail to utilize the platform in a manner that brings about a positive ROI.

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  • And the Survey Says? See What Marketers Say About Big Data.

    Apr 11, 2013
    As we’ve covered briefly in our GreyMatters e-newsletter over the last few months, the era of Big Data is upon us. Have you wondered where marketers stand on the Big Data topic? While not healthcare specific, some answers to those questions are available. Recently, the CMO Council and SAS published results of their cross-industry survey of world

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  • Thank You to the Attendees at Greystone’s OpenSpace in Denver

    May 09, 2012
    Two days just wasn’t enough time to cover the number of compelling and thought provoking topics the OpenSpace group brought to the table. One big take away for me was recognizing the pace at which our industry is maturing. Whether you support a stand-alone hospital, health system or academic medical center, there is no shortage of Web initiatives.

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  • Are You Taking Advantage of Free?

    Oct 19, 2011
    Free is good, especially when it comes to marketing your hospital or health system. So you jump in with free opportunities to display your brand through social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter; then you start a blog and then all of a sudden, it doesn’t feel so free anymore. In fact, social media-based marketing costs real money. Gra

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  • The Analytics for Hospital Web Budgets (aka, “the Chicken Tastes like Chicken")

    Apr 04, 2011
    Ask any market researcher if they have some examples of funny things people have said on surveys, and then stand back and watch what happens. I am willing to bet that you will have to stop him or her after a few minutes. Do not be surprised at any excessive exuberance, as we research geeks are generally not called upon for humorous insight and tend

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  • Intranets and ROI DO Mix!

    Oct 25, 2010
    ROI is very important to any organization when defining the efficiency of an investment. Intranets are no exception and organizations believe ROI is very important, but defining what an organization wants to measure can be difficult to determine. We observe that most hospitals see the inherent value in intranets and while measurements are less t

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  • No Apologies Necessary

    Aug 23, 2010
    Good internal reporting of Web data should document successes, illuminate failures, and serve as a key component in evaluating overall strategy. Yet for many healthcare Web marketers, the challenge of producing quality reports has proven to be extremely elusive and frustrating. In my experience, most organizations do not go much further than tracki

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