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HCIC Pre-Conference Sessions Tackle Important Current Issues

Oct 08, 2019

This article was written by Mike Schneider, EVP and Principal, at Greystone.Net.

A strong series of pre-conference sessions will kick off HCIC 2019 by tackling important current topics impacting nearly all of us. The sessions will convene Monday morning, November 4th, just before HCIC officially starts, and will be held in an exclusive, focused setting to encourage interaction between the speakers and the attendees. image of HCIC pre-conference event logo

The pre-conference sessions will cover these important issues:

  • Digital Patient Acquisition Strategies
  • Content Strategy and Reuse
  • Solutions for the Aging Digital Healthcare Population
  • Managing Mergers, Acquisitions and Consolidation from a Digital Standpoint
  • Developing an Evolved Digital Strategy

Speakers in these sessions will use informative data, real case studies and their extensive industry experience to offer practical solutions for the audience. Participants will have access to faculty and have the opportunity to ask questions and present their own issues for discussion. Below is a brief summary of each pre-conference session. To learn more about these sessions or sign up for the pre-conference sessions at HCIC, visit the website at

  • Beyond Websites: Developing an Evolved Digital Strategy with KPIs that Matter

    A hands-on workshop that will teach you how to bring together key leadership stakeholders in an interactive session focused on setting strategies and KPIs for organization-wide buy-in.

    Amy Comeau, Emory Healthcare; Amy Ridall Campbell, Select Medical; Jorge Cordova and Kara Rozek, SPM; Linda Watts, MedTouch

  • Revolutionize and Optimize Your Patient Acquisition Strategy Using Key Insights from Data You (Probably) Already Have

    Learn how to create a top-line roadmap with methodology and milestones to ensure a successful transition from “relying on your gut” to “trusting your data.” Hear how Ascension used these techniques to guide their marketing decisions.

    Annie Haarmann, Ascension; Jenny Bristow, Anvil

  • Creating a Content Strategy for Reuse: In Voice, Chatbots, HRAs and More

    Develop a content strategy specifically designed for maximum re-use. Hear from healthcare content experts on how they have deployed content strategies and tactics that are easily discoverable, reconfigurable and reusable and include emerging technologies such as voice search, virtual assistants, chatbots, HRAs and more.

    Rob Neff, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health; Scott Schuster, Northwestern; Abhi Sharma, Loyal. Facilitated by: Ahava Leibtag, Aha Media

  • Solving the Greying Healthcare Crisis with Digital Solutions

    Digital tools and connected solutions play a critical role in enabling payers and providers to deliver high-quality care to seniors and their 40 million family caregivers at all points in the care continuum from prevention to chronic health management. Learn about the latest demographic trends, digital habits of seniors and caregivers, Medicare Advantage trends and best practices, emerging applications in AR, robotics and virtual care – and gain practical strategies for building your brand and market share among seniors.

    David A. Feinberg, Mount Sinai Health System; Daniel Ansel, Active Daily Living; Daniel Fell, Optum;Linda MacCracken, Accenture

  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Consolidation: A HowTo Guide for the Digital Transition

    Learn from two organizations that have navigated the complex space of mergers, acquisitions, and consolidation. This pre-con session will give you an opportunity to learn about their triumphs and struggles. AdventHealth brought their nationwide health system under one brand umbrella by consolidating hundreds of sites and providing the digital infrastructure needed to support a seamless patient experience. Henry Ford Health System and newly acquired Allegiance Health were challenged to blend two websites into one. After more than a year of planning and execution, they now have a unified, user-friendly website with enhanced content and features.

    Ellie Martin and Joel Maust, Henry Ford Health System; Simon Yohe, AdventHealth; Stacey Torjak Febbraro, Phase2

NOTE: If you have already registered for HCIC19 but did not sign up for a pre-conference session, you still have time! Simply email us at and we’ll get you signed up! You can also register onsite in Orlando.

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