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Consumer Healthcare Trends that Affect Care Providers

Jun 23, 2023

Healthcare providers cannot rest on their laurels when it comes to acquiring and retaining patients. Consumers have high expectations for healthcare experiences and they are willing to go where they can have their expectations met. Heathcare-Trends

So what are consumers looking for in their healthcare experience? A recent survey from Huron found these consumer trends based on changing attitudes and preferences:

  • Digital access. Most healthcare consumers want virtual care to be available. In the Huron survey, 75% of respondents said they had had a telehealth visit, and 84% of those respondents were satisfied with the visits. Consumers also want to be able to digitally manage appointment scheduling, communications with providers and payments via a mobile app. Three-fourths of the respondents were also willing to use wearables to report data to their providers.
  • It’s not all about satisfaction. When searching for providers, the main source for consumers is online information – ratings, reviews and comparison tools. Even though 80% of survey respondents said they were satisfied with the care from their providers, 70% of them said they would switch providers to find more trust and respect. Reasons respondents gave to switch providers include:
    • Lower costs for patients seeking routine care
    • Shorter wait times for patients with serious or chronic conditions
  • Outcomes drive satisfaction. The primary sources of satisfactory experiences are accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans. Trust and respect also play a part.
  • Technology-enabled convenience. In addition to virtual care, consumers are also interested in healthcare provided in their homes. Over half of survey respondents said they would switch providers to get more virtual care options.
  • Healthcare costs. According to the survey respondents, the cost of healthcare is their most serious challenge in obtaining quality healthcare. Price transparency is of high importance to consumers – 80% want to know how much a visit or treatment will cost them at the time they receive the service.
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