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Website Satisfaction Surveys: Why Is Healthcare The Late Adopter?

by Sara Foster | Jun 02, 2016
As a group of healthcare-specific Website consultants, we spend our day-to-day freshening up on the digital trends within and outside of our industry. It’s no secret that healthcare is typically one step behind most industries in the adoption of trendy tech gadgets. And it often makes sense, as we are typically on tighter budgets because marketing often takes a back seat to the medical supply needs. But it is hard to ignore the constant satisfaction surveys that pop up on every Website--well, all except for most healthcare Websites. Why is every other industry making Website satisfaction surveys a priority? Well, the answer is simple: If you don’t know what your customers want, then you are wasting your marketing dollars. Other industries recognize the importance of finding out what their customers want before they spend time, effort and money on marketing. Healthcare needs to act on this as well. We know that users are never satisfied. They are constantly looking for a better user experience. Websites are subject to entropy and need regular course adjustments. Furthermore, we recognize that healthcare needs are different than most industries--the decision to choose a healthcare provider is incomparable to the decision to buy one pair of shoes over another pair. It has become clear that providers don’t need a “typical” satisfaction survey--they need a Website patient experience survey. So, with the expertise of Klein & Partners, nationally recognized healthcare research and consulting firm, we developed a patient experience survey called gSight℠. But our expertise does not end at the development stage. Along with your gSight survey tool, we provide a dashboard with real-time analytics along with white glove quarterly reports that include specific data points and recommendations for improvements based on your survey results. This is the only healthcare-specific survey developed by healthcare experts. To find out more about gSight:
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