gSightSM - Survey

A Digital Experience Survey that Captures the Voice of the Customer

For a hospital or health system, a website is the organization’s digital front door. How do you ensure that users have a positive experience? How do you enhance their experience, build competitive differentiation and improve overall brand strength?

gSight-Promo-ImagegSightsm is a healthcare pop-up survey designed to capture and identify customer experience improvement areas so you can improve and evolve your website as your customers’ needs progress and change.

Our passion is to challenge the status quo and help our clients identify customer experience improvement areas that can better support business objectives. gSight delivers on this promise by:

  • Providing focus on “where” to prioritize website improvement efforts
  • Determining whether your redesign efforts have been successful
  • Measuring how your website experience is impacting your brand overall

Key Benefits:

  • Saves budget dollars – one price survey that works on PCs, smartphones and tablets
  • Mobile friendly
  • Provides for unlimited survey completes
  • Puts survey respondents in charge of what aspects of the website experience need improvement
  • Detailed reporting with recommendations
  • Continuous measurement to help identify improvements and make real-time content and design changes
  • Ability to drill down to further identify improvement areas
  • Real-time reporting dashboard
  • Boosts ROI

How Does It Work?

  • Our Technical Services Team will guide you in correctly embedding the gSight website evaluation pop-up survey program on your website (this could be up and running in less than a day).
  • You will customize the look and feel of the invitation, and when and how many times the invitation is received.
  • The hospital pop-up survey will run on your website, mobile site, tablets, etc., for a specified time.
  • Data is collected and can be viewed on a real-time reporting dashboard.
  • Detailed reporting and recommendations will be provided to you.

Serving the Healthcare Industry:

With over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry and working with hundreds of hospitals and health systems, Greystone.Net is proud to specialize in a full range of services for the healthcare industry.

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