gSight is a Voice of the Digital Customer marketing support tool focused on the “Why?”



gSightsm is a website-based pop-up survey designed specifically for hospitals and health systems. 

It captures information about your website visitors' online experiences and identifies areas that need improvement. gSight can help you understand "why" visitors are leaving your site prematurely, why they are frustrated with your site and perhaps why they aren't becoming patients. It helps identify the areas of your site that need the most work and is a guide how to prioritize the improvements so you can evolve your website to meet your customers’ needs and evolve as those needs change.

gSight is not a typical satisfaction survey and in fact, several things set gSight apart from other surveying tools, including:

  • A unique set of survey questions that focus on improving the online visitor experience (“going on the hunt” to find areas to improve your website.)  
  • Its exclusive focus on healthcare and its corresponding healthcare-specific benchmarks and the Leaderboard.
  • Survey reports and recommendations from the healthcare digital expertise of Greystone.Net and the healthcare marketing research and branding expertise of Klein & Partners.
To learn more about gSight, download a copy of the gSight brochure.
Interested in learning from some of our early gSight insights?  Download our 3-part whitepaper series: 

Improving the Digital Brand Dialogue - Part 1

Improving the Digital Brand Dialogue - Part 2

Improving the Digital Brand Dialogue - Part 3

You can also learn more about gSight on the details page, or feel free to contact us for a demo or pricing information.